October tunneling horror action experience



I would suggest to new players to hover the cursor over the how to play button to understand the mechanics of the game first.

You are the night commander, tasked with managing your soldiers. You need need to dig tunnels to improve your chance of victory in the upcoming push.

This game was inspired by the likes of Darkest Dungeon and Papers Please. It is an attempt to get the player to make hard choices and put them in even harder positions.  

I humbly ask you spend just a little extra bit of time  getting into the meat of this game, its not a pick up and play game but should be quite easy to understand.

Quick after jam patch.

  • Stamps no longer disappear after stamping, meaning you don't have to keep getting a new stamp.
  • Chlorine attack no longer shows every time you tell someone to rest
  • Victory and loss documents a now shown correctly

Gameplay tweaks.

  • Game now ramps its difficulty. Soldiers are more likely to fall asleep / get drunk or terrified as  the game goes on:  31% chance of sleeping when tired day 1, 48% on day 18
  • Terrified soldiers can now be rested but will become exhausted after the first rest.
  • It is easier to get a warn from high levels of unpunished crime.

You can now get a warn from, 

  1.  3 people caught sleeping -> 2 people caught sleeping
  2.  1 cowardice and 2 drunk -> 1 cowardice and 1 drunk
  3. 5 drunk -> 4 drunk

Forewarning: I was a solo developer for this game and it includes quite a bit of writing,  being dyslexic I'm sure a couple  of spelling or grammar mistakes have got through so sorry in advance :)

Created with Construct 3
All artwork is mine, 
Sound effects taken from https://freesound.org/

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsDark, Management, Singleplayer, War, World War I
Average sessionA few minutes

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I do not understand. I received two strikes for not assigning guards, when both times I had two assigned (they didn't even fall asleep). I was also raided both times, killing all three tunnelers both times as well. Then heavy shelling collapsed all previously dug tunnels, buried three more men, and caused me to get a third strike for failure to complete duties. All of this happened by the eighth day. Not to mention my punishment of all crimes except two "caught drinking" cases didn't stop me from getting a warning for "too many unpunished crimes."

Is it possible to win? Is it even possible to complete? I do not understand the obsession with crippling RNG events in "strategy" games.


Hey, thanks for giving the game a go. If your raided as long as one person on night watch you wont get a strike It seems you were unfortunate in terms of rng and admittedly the game can reach doom state.

Heavy shelling is a difficult hurdle on your first playthrough and occurs around the start of the game, try to get tunnels dug using 2 men, it may  be more risky but you free up an extra man. I always went for 3 only if I was gonna get a strike by the next day.

Through playing the game I tried to get players to find themselves having to prioritize the bureaucracy from their generals. Come at the game from the frame of mind that your there to appease your superiors, and not to increase  that win percentage and you'll find yourself reaching day 15-20.

The strategy is about people management, a trickery task then people think. 

In terms of balance I admit it probably needs more fine tuning I worked on this game for only 3days and there was only so much time to work on balance. 

Once again, thanks for giving the game a go :)


Tips for the game

  • on day one set one person to rest (two if you don't care about night watch) 2 people to tunnel 2 people on watch
  • allow people to rest when exhausted (cuz they are humans after all)
  • it is allowed to let all your people to rest unless you have to build a tunnel (rest = do nothing)
  • it is allowed for people to work as punishment (but you still have to put them to jail afterwards)
  • make sure that you have luck cuz you mostly have to let 2 people to tunnel or 1 on watch (both to flex or if you have 3 people to order)


that is all for now tell me a problem in the replies so i can add another tip maybe 2


They wont stop F*UCKING DRINKING


i have the same problem


I send them to jail and they do it again like BRUHH LEARN.   YOUR.     LESSON Some days I also only have one soldier and get a strike because I put him on night watch.


maybe if they cause too much trouble send them to dig a tunnel alone 😏


Smart, lol ima do that.


Nice game! Impressive artwork and concept.


like papers please but less colorful stamps