Please note: 

The sound recording I used of an old monitor emits high frequency sound that I couldn't  hear (15.7kh), if your young or have good hearing feel free to mute the game (right click the tab and mute site or tab). If your streaming it might be worth muting the site for your audience.

How to play:

  • Connect pins in  switchboard in order and see its effects take place on the screen.
  • Place the cable into the input hole  then drag another cable from the adjacent output hole to continue the sequence. 
  • You can also change the number of times the sequence is run by pressing the bottom right button.

Other Notes:

  • Play 5 hand made levels and try to get the highest score possible, the more components you use the lower your score. Have fun :)
  • Sorry didn't have time for an undo button was working on it but couldn't get it to work in time. 😢
  • Also works on phones!
  • For those wondering puzzle 5 is a far bit harder then all the others so don't feel bad if it takes a while or you cant do it.  Let me know if you beat any of my scores! 
  • Hey everyone who played.  A lot of people are getting stuck on lvl5. If you want the solution here is:  Answer Here  Only click when you've really given it a good go :)

Known bugs:

Spam clicking can break the switchboard just click reset to fix


Artwork is created by me 

Sounds taken from


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Love It! One feature I would have liked to see is when failing the wiring to be sill there so we don't have to rewire it from the start!

Thanks for playing. Since it was made during a game jam I ran out of time before I could get the undo function to work properly. I will most likely add it in future 

Ah Ok! Realy cool game! I rated it


Great game! The gameplay is solid, the puzzles are great, and I love the aesthetic!