A downloadable game for Windows

Fill your ship with crystals to save yourself from annihilation! Or play as a giant boss and smash all those who would steal from you!

  • local- offline version added - separate download
  • removed voting and upgrades this is a fast 6-minute experience
  • added smashable terrain for the boss
  • visual update
  • controller only
  • to get back to the main menu press backspace on the keyboard

Plays best with 5-11 players :)

Created in a month: 
Lead Designer/Programmer: Danny Kershaw
Lead Artist: Vic Primmer

Controls: Player 
Interact: Left Mouse
Blink/Vote: Right Mouse 
Movement: WASD
Change Camera positions : V/Scroll Wheel

Controls: BOSS 
SMASH LEFT:  Left Mouse
SMASH RIGHT: Right Mouse
Movement: WASD 



  • Voting monitor can sometimes break showing wrong colours to prevent breaking avoid clients joining and leaving repeatedly 
  • Passive income is a little op, for now, you will just have to agree not to use or it or abuse it collectively. 
  • Sometimes just after selling or dying your hud won't update and still show crystals in your inventory

Playing with other players requires Steam to be open before the game! 

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract. Click the exe :)

To play the game online with other players, Steam must be installed and open before opening this game.

If your playing online here is where its gets janky ;)
It will show up as space war on steam (we are using epic development app ID)
If you find you cant connect to each-other, check you all have the same steam download region
If you encounter any issues leave a comment here or msg me on discord b3ach#0265


RACE TO SPACE V1.01.zip 277 MB
Race-To-Space-Local-1.4.zip 298 MB

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